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Standing 8: Most Remarkable Come-From-Behind Wins in Boxing History

In the electrifying world of boxing, where the stakes are high and the margins razor-thin, few moments capture the essence of the sport quite like a dramatic come-from-behind victory. These remarkable triumphs, often unfolding under the most unlikely circumstances, exemplify the indomitable spirit and resilience of boxers who refuse to concede defeat, regardless of the odds stacked against them. This article delves into the most incredible come-from-behind wins in boxing history, spotlighting the fighters who, with their backs against the ropes and the clock ticking down, managed to turn the tide of battle and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. From last-minute knockouts to strategic masterclasses that bewildered both opponents and spectators alike, these unforgettable bouts remind us why boxing is often dubbed the theater of the unexpected, where hope endures until the final bell.

8. Micky Ward vs Alfonso Sanchez (1997)

In a dramatic turn of events on April 12, 1997, at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Micky Ward secured a surprising victory against Alfonso Sanchez. The fight, which later gained widespread recognition through its depiction in the film “The Fighter,” showcased Ward’s unexpected comeback. For the majority of the match, Sanchez was in clear control, outboxing Ward with superior technique and agility, leading the announcers to voice their disappointment with Ward’s performance. The critique from the announce team highlighted Ward’s struggles to counter Sanchez’s dominance, as he appeared to be on the verge of defeat. However, in the seventh round, Ward landed a decisive left hook to Sanchez’s body, a move that abruptly ended the fight. This single, well-placed punch knocked Sanchez to the canvas, unable to continue, and awarded Ward an unlikely win, marking a notable moment in his boxing career.

7. Andy Ruiz Jr vs Anthony Joshua (2019)

In one of boxing’s most stunning upsets, Andy Ruiz Jr. achieved an improbable victory against Anthony Joshua on June 1, 2019, at Madison Square Garden. Heading into the fight, Joshua, the reigning heavyweight champion, was heavily favored to retain his titles against Ruiz, a late replacement and considerable underdog. The bout’s narrative took an unexpected turn when Joshua knocked down Ruiz in the third round, seemingly reaffirming predictions of an easy win for the British champion. However, Ruiz’s response to this adversity was both swift and decisive. Demonstrating remarkable resilience, he quickly turned the tables on Joshua, knocking him down twice in the same round. Ruiz’s aggressive and relentless approach continued to overwhelm Joshua, leading to two more knockdowns in the seventh round. Unable to recover, Joshua was defeated by a technical knockout, marking a sensational comeback win for Ruiz. This victory not only earned Ruiz the heavyweight titles, making him the first boxer of Mexican descent to win a heavyweight championship, but it also underscored the unpredictable nature of boxing, where a single moment can redefine an entire match.

6. Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury I (2018)

The Fury vs. Wilder bout was a showcase of resilience and the fighting spirit, encapsulated perfectly in what could be dubbed a ‘double comeback’ spectacle. For the majority of the fight, Fury outboxed Wilder, using his superior movement and technique to build a lead on the scorecards. However, in a dramatic twist characteristic of heavyweight boxing, Wilder, with his renowned one-punch knockout power, floored Fury in the final round with a thunderous combination that seemed to end the fight then and there. The arena held its breath as Fury lay motionless, the count inching closer to ten. In a moment that would become iconic in the annals of the sport, Fury miraculously rose from the canvas in a scene reminiscent of a phoenix rising from the ashes, defying the odds and the expectations of everyone watching.
This moment was not just a testament to Fury’s physical resilience, but also to his mental fortitude, staging his own comeback within the fight’s dying moments. The dramatic finale, with Fury not only surviving the knockdown but also finishing the round strongly, underscored the unpredictable and exhilarating nature of heavyweight boxing. This ‘double comeback’ – Fury’s dominance throughout the fight, his recovery from a seemingly certain knockout, and the fight’s controversial split draw decision – ensured that this bout would be remembered as a classic, embodying the spirit of never giving up, no matter the odds.

5. Michael Moorer vs. George Foreman (1994)

The tale of George Foreman’s bout against Michael Moorer is one of the most inspirational comebacks in boxing history, unfolding in two remarkable acts: Foreman’s return to the sport and his dramatic in-fight turnaround. After a decade away from the ring, Foreman, once the fearsome heavyweight champion, embarked on an unlikely comeback at the age of 45, defying age and skeptics alike. His journey back to contention was met with mixed reactions, but Foreman’s determination and resilience gradually won over the boxing world, setting the stage for a historic title fight against the then-undefeated champion, Michael Moorer.
In the fight itself, Foreman faced a significant challenge. For the majority of the bout, Moorer outboxed Foreman, using his youth and speed to his advantage, seemingly on course for a straightforward victory. However, in a stunning turn of events in the tenth round, Foreman’s experience and power came to the fore. With one thunderous right hand, Foreman sent Moorer to the canvas, reclaiming the heavyweight title at age 45 and becoming the oldest world heavyweight champion in history. This victory was not just a personal triumph for Foreman but a symbolic moment in sports, emphasizing that perseverance and belief can defy the odds, both in life and within the confines of a boxing ring.

4. John Molina vs Micky Bey (2013)

John Molina Jr.’s thrilling encounter with Mickey Bey perfectly encapsulates why he is celebrated as one of boxing’s most entertaining warriors, regardless of his status as a B or C level fighter. Known for his never-say-die attitude and formidable punching power, Molina has consistently provided fans with heart-stopping action, and his bout against Bey was no exception. Despite being outboxed and trailing on the scorecards for the majority of the fight, Molina’s resilience and determination never wavered. His ability to absorb punishment and keep pressing forward made the bout an edge-of-the-seat affair.
In a dramatic twist that has become a hallmark of Molina’s fights, he turned the tables in the final round. With time running out and needing a knockout to win, Molina unleashed a ferocious assault, catching Bey with a series of powerful shots that ultimately led to a stoppage victory. This remarkable comeback victory not only showcased Molina’s fearsome power and unwavering spirit but also cemented his reputation as a fighter who embodies the essence of boxing: the belief that no matter the odds, victory is always within reach. Molina’s thrilling performances, characterized by his toughness and crowd-pleasing style, have endeared him to fans and ensured that his bouts are must-see events, regardless of his ranking.

3. Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Márquez I (2004) & IV (2012)

The Pacquiao-Marquez saga, particularly their first and fourth encounters, epitomizes the rollercoaster nature of boxing, marked by resilience, comebacks, and dramatic conclusions. In their initial clash, Marquez suffered three knockdowns in the first round, a disastrous start that seemed to forecast a swift victory for Pacquiao. However, Marquez, known for his tactical acumen and indomitable spirit, meticulously clawed his way back into the fight with precision counterpunching and strategic adjustments, managing to secure a draw in what became an instant classic. This fight underscored Marquez’s resilience and tactical genius, setting the stage for one of boxing’s most compelling rivalries.
Their fourth meeting escalated the drama to unprecedented heights. Once again, Marquez found himself battling adversity early on, as Pacquiao’s speed and power posed familiar challenges. However, Marquez’s ability to adapt and his unyielding determination shone through as the rounds progressed. The bout culminated in a sensational sixth-round knockout by Marquez, who landed a perfectly timed counter right hand that sent Pacquiao to the canvas, unconscious. This stunning victory for Marquez was not just a testament to his perseverance and skill but also a dramatic punctuation mark in their storied rivalry, showcasing the unpredictability and thrill of boxing at its best.

2. José Luis Castillo vs. Diego Corrales (2005)

Castillo Corrales was a boxing match that etched itself into the annals of the sport for its dramatic twists and sheer unpredictability. In the final round, Corrales found himself in a dire situation, having been knocked down twice, which put him at a significant disadvantage on the scorecards. The situation worsened when, in a moment of desperation and perhaps to buy himself some time, Corrales deliberately spit out his mouthpiece after the second knockdown. This act led to a crucial point deduction by the referee, further compounding Corrales’ troubles and seemingly sealing his fate.
Back in his corner, with the odds stacked heavily against him, Corrales received a stern yet motivating admonition from his trainer, Joe Goossen. Goossen’s now-famous directive, “You better get inside on him now,” was a clarion call to Corrales to muster every ounce of strength and skill he had left. Despite the setbacks, Corrales displayed a heart of a champion and managed to turn the tide dramatically.
In a stunning turn of events, Corrales unleashed a ferocious barrage of punches on Castillo, who, despite his earlier dominance, was visibly hurt and struggling to stay on his feet. The referee’s decision to stop the fight and award Corrales the victory was met with immediate controversy. Critics argued that the stoppage was premature, but replays and further analysis showed that Castillo was indeed in no condition to continue, validating the referee’s decision to prioritize the fighter’s safety. This match remains a testament to the unpredictability of boxing and the indomitable spirit of fighters like Corrales.

1. Julio César Chávez vs. Meldrick Taylor (1990)

I’m sorry to those who disagree, but let’s set the record straight: on March 17, 1990, Julio César Chávez defeated Meldrick Taylor, fair and square. In the waning moments of a bout that had everyone on the edge of their seats, Chávez, with the heart of a lion and the punch of a mule, turned the tide. Taylor, ahead on points and dancing towards victory, felt the wrath of Chávez’s relentless pursuit. With seconds ticking away, Chávez landed a barrage that floored Taylor. Up but dazed, Taylor faced the referee’s inquiry. In the silence of his response, the fight’s fate was sealed. Steele, the man in the middle, made the call that ended it all, giving Chávez a comeback win for the ages. It wasn’t just a victory; it was a testament to the age-old adage in boxing: it ain’t over till it’s over. So, to the doubters and the naysayers, know this — on that night, under those lights, Chávez was the last man standing, by the book and by the bell.

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