Tre'Sean Wiggins

Tre’Sean Wiggins Ahead of “Fists of Fury” Bout

“Absolutely” Joe McCann interviewed Tre’Sean Wiggins ahead of his upcoming fight on June 7th at the Seminole Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, FL. The event, named “Fists of Fury,” is set to draw attention with Don King promoting it. Wiggins, with a record of 16-5-3 and 9 knockouts, is the current NABA Welterweight champion. As he prepares for this bout, he is not just defending his title but making his fourth title defense. His readiness and experience are palpable as he discusses the significance of this fight and his preparation to maintain his championship status in the highly competitive welterweight division.

Tre’Sean Wiggins Coming up the Hard Way

In the interview, Tre’Sean Wiggins reflected on his boxing career leading up to his current standing as the NABA Welterweight champion. Wiggins discussed his professional record, which includes a few close and controversial losses. Each setback has been a learning experience, helping him refine his techniques and strategies against formidable opponents. He emphasized that he has faced tougher competition than many of his peers, which he believes has only sharpened his skills and resilience in the ring.

One particularly controversial bout was against Richardson Hitchens. In that fight, Wiggins managed to knock down Hitchens, a moment that many believed would secure him the victory. However, the decision went against him, adding a layer of controversy over the outcome and fueling debates in the boxing community. Wiggins shared that such experiences have not only tested his physical capabilities but also his mental fortitude. He has used these challenges as motivation to push harder in training, focus more on his tactical approach, and ensure that he leaves no room for doubt in his performances. As he prepares for his upcoming title defense, Wiggins is more determined than ever to demonstrate his growth as a fighter and solidify his legacy in the competitive world of welterweight boxing.

A Potential World Championship Run?

During the interview, Tre’Sean Wiggins shared insights about his life inside and outside the ring. He discussed climbing the ranks later in his career and expressed confidence about being just a year away from a title shot. Focused on this goal, Wiggins highlighted his recent entry into the WBA’s top 10 welterweights, indicating his prime readiness for a championship bout.

Wiggins also reflected on how his past losses might actually work to his advantage. He believes these experiences will lead others to underestimate him, positioning him perfectly for a title shot against WBA welterweight champion, Eimantas Stanionis. Each defeat, according to Wiggins, has been a critical learning experience, enhancing both his skills and mental toughness.

He underscored the importance of understanding the intricacies of boxing, embracing both the physical and psychological challenges it presents. With his journey fortifying his resolve, Wiggins is sharpening his focus, aiming to secure a triumphant rise to the top of the welterweight division.

A Big Night for Wiggins

You can view the full interview below where Tre’Sean Wiggins discusses his upcoming challenge at the “Fists of Fury” event on June 7th at the Seminole Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, FL. Although the fight card was set to feature Adrien Broner, recent updates from event organizers have cast doubt on his participation. Regardless, this fight presents a prime opportunity for Wiggins to solidify his position as a contender in the welterweight division. As we receive more information on the evolving details of the fighters, we will keep you updated.

We extend our gratitude to Tre’Sean Wiggins for sharing his journey and thoughts as he prepares for this significant bout

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