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Tre’Sean Wiggins Prepares for “Fists of Fury” in Exclusive Interview

Wilmington, DE – May 12, 2024 – In an exclusive interview conducted by Joe McCann, Tre’Sean Wiggins, a formidable contender in the welterweight division, discussed his preparation and aspirations ahead of his upcoming fight at the “Fists of Fury” event. The bout is scheduled for June 7th at the iconic Seminole Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, Florida, an evening that promises to showcase his talents on a grand stage.

Originally from the outskirts of New York and now training in Johnstown, PA, Wiggins has built a significant part of his career in the Philadelphia area, known for its rich boxing culture. With a professional record of 16-5-3 and 9 knockouts, Wiggins is currently ranked #12 by the World Boxing Association (WBA). His consistent performance has flirted with the top 10 rankings, positioning him as a potential title contender.

The “Fists of Fury” event, promoted by none other than boxing legend Don King, was initially set to feature Adrien Broner. However, recent updates from the organizers suggest there may be changes to Broner’s participation. Despite this uncertainty, the night remains a crucial opportunity for Wiggins to prove his mettle and edge closer to a title fight.

In the full interview available here, Wiggins sheds light on his journey towards securing a shot at the WBA Welterweight title. He reflects on the challenges he has faced and how they have prepared him for this moment. “Every fight is a learning experience, and each has uniquely prepared me to seize this opportunity,” said Wiggins. His strategy involves not only rigorous physical preparation but also studying potential opponents to exploit weaknesses effectively.

Wiggins’ approach to his career is methodical and disciplined, traits that are evident both inside and outside the ring. His focus remains sharp on his ultimate goal: competing for and winning the WBA Welterweight title. “Being pushed into the top 10 by the WBA recently has only fueled my ambition more,” Wiggins added. He believes that his past losses, often close and sometimes controversial, have only made him a stronger and more resilient fighter, likely to be underestimated by future opponents.

As details about the event continue to develop, fans and sports media are encouraged to follow updates. Whether or not Adrien Broner steps into the ring, June 7th will be pivotal for Wiggins. It represents not just another fight but a step towards achieving his lifelong dream of becoming a world champion.

“We are incredibly excited to see Tre’Sean in action,” said an event spokesperson. “He embodies the spirit and determination that ‘Fists of Fury’ celebrates. This event is about showcasing true talent and heart, and Tre’Sean brings both to the ring.”

The boxing community and fans are invited to witness what promises to be an electrifying night of fights. Tre’Sean Wiggins is not just fighting for a win; he’s fighting for his place in boxing history.


Nickolas Fisher


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