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Tre’Sean Wiggins Next Fight Joins the Adrien Broner vs Blair Cobbs Card

Tre’Sean Wiggins (16-5-3 9 KOs) announced his next fight on the upcoming Adrien Broner vs Blair Cobbs boxing card. Although the specific venue for this fight remains undecided, Wiggins’ manager, Brock Kull , made the announcement on his Instagram earlier this week. The addition of Wiggins to the card introduces an exciting layer to an already anticipated event, as fans wait eagerly for more details to unfold about the night that will showcase his talent.

Tre’Sean Wiggins: The Fighter

Tre’Sean Wiggins, a slick and quick southpaw counter-puncher from New York, has carved out a notable niche in the boxing world over his 14-year career. Currently ranked as the 73rd welterweight globally, Wiggins brings a reputation for agility and strategic precision in the ring. His style is distinctive; he adeptly anticipates his opponents’ moves and counters them with swift, impactful punches that often catch them off guard.

Wiggins’ track record speaks volumes about his prowess and determination. He has secured victories in his last five bouts, with three of his last four wins coming via knockout. Impressively, two of these knockouts were achieved in the first round, underscoring his ability to dominate early in his matches. This knack for securing early victories not only intimidates his opponents but also excites the crowd, adding to his allure as a fighter worth watching.

A Philly Fan Favorite

The New York native has also left a lasting impression on Philadelphia boxing fans. His memorable fights against Samuel Teah and Branden Pizarro are often cited as examples of his skill and tenacity in the ring. These matches showcased Wiggins’ ability to handle intense pressure and emerge victorious against formidable opponents, enhancing his reputation in the competitive welterweight division.

Upcoming Exclusive Interview with Tre’Sean Wiggins

Stay tuned for an exclusive opportunity to hear directly from Tre’Sean Wiggins before his next fight. We are thrilled to announce that we will host him on our Facebook Live for an in-depth discussion about his career, future plans, and insights into his training regimen. While the exact date is yet to be confirmed, we promise this will be a must-watch event for all boxing fans. Make sure to follow us to get updates and secure your spot for this exciting live interview with one of boxing’s seasoned welterweights.

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