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Branden Pizzaro

Branden Pizarro vs Josue Vargas Set to Headline Hard Hitting Promotions Next Show

Branden Pizarro vs Josue Vargas sets the stage for the next exciting bout announced by Hard Hitting Promotions. This eagerly awaited fight, revealed on their Instagram this week, features Pizarro facing the experienced Josue Vargas. While the fight garners attention, the rest of the card remains unknown, stirring curiosity among boxing enthusiasts.

Branden Pizarro’s Young Dynamite from Philly

Branden Pizarro (19-1-0 11 KOs) is known for his aggressive fighting style; he actively cuts off the ring and employs his powerful right hand effectively. He constantly follows his opponents, biding his time to strike with precision. These tactical approaches in the ring have not only defined his fighting style but also shaped him into a resilient competitor eager to validate his capabilities against tougher opponents like Vargas. However one criticism often leveled at him is being relatively untested despite his commendable record. His two most challenge fights both resulted in a non win. This includes a sole defeat to Christian Rivera in 2017 via a six-round decision and a draw against Tre’Sean Wiggins in 2020.

Josue Vargas, Talent on the Rebound

Josue Vargas (20-3-0 9 KOs), known for a more defensive approach in the ring, utilizes his adept counterpunching skills to manage opponents. His style contrasts with Pizarro’s, focusing on reading opponents’ moves and responding with tactical counters. This methodical approach has served him well in past bouts, though his recent inactivity and the challenges faced in his last fights in 2022 raise questions about his current form.

A breakdown of the fight

The contrasting styles of Pizarro and Vargas set the stage for potential fireworks. Pizarro’s active, pressuring style meets Vargas’s defensive, counterpunching approach, creating a dynamic clash. However, Vargas’s recent ring absence and difficulties might put him at a disadvantage. Meanwhile, the criticisms of Pizarro being untested are becoming less tenable as he continues to face and learn from experienced fighters. Although he has encountered challenges with top-tier competition. Most notably, his fights against Rivera and Wiggins both featured counter punching opponents like Vargas.

A few years ago, Vargas might have been the clear favorite, but given his need to regain form, Pizarro could present significant challenges. If Vargas can return to his previous technical prowess, he could very well complicate the fight for Pizarro.

About Hard Hitting Promotions

Hard Hitting Promotions, a key player in Philadelphia’s boxing scene, continues to build its reputation with high-caliber events. Their recent showcase featured a notable 10-round fight with Tevin Farmer, further solidifying their status in the sport. As the details of the complete fight card are finalized, Manny Rivera, owner of Hard Hitting Promotions, will discuss with Absolutely Boxing the upcoming bouts, providing fans with deeper insights and expectations from what promises to be another stellar event.

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